About Us

The Concept
The earth heritage meets technology and challenges the human ability. The stone weight requires delicate strong hands and knowledge to shape the roughness of the solid and raw material.

Mercado da Pedra stays true to the precious natural stones taking the most exquisite and rare matter and putting it into the hands of experienced craftsman, interior designers and architects to create unique ambiences.

The Expertise
Mercado da Pedra works with highly distinctive natural stones, stimulating architects and designers to personalise private and social spaces.

It presents a rich collection with the excellence of specialised artisans, high technology and experienced professionals that delivers a transversal service from the briefing to the implementation.

The Service
Our work starts with the client and our specialised team is fully committed in the process of selecting the best product and providing guidance and advise during the installation process.

Each space is unique and each project deserves the attention to detail and the excellence of production. We are obsessed in the perfect laying and enhancement of the best of natural stones.

From the creative approach to the application we extend our commitment to the after-sales service making sure the result maintains true to the dream.

  • Creative consultancy
  • 3D simulation
  • Technical advice
  • On site measurement
  • Production
  • Application
  • Cleaning and treatment
  • Sanitary ware
  • After sales services

The Message
Crafted timeless beauty for the modern world.
Art reserved just for the sophisticated taste.

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